Maiamé Polewear is...

... a French brand

From inspiration to prototypes creation, my products are designed and crafted in my workshop in Marseille. Fabrics are carefully selected for safe pole dancing !

...a passion for Pole Dance

I've been practicing Pole Dance since 2017 and found a supportive and caring community within it.

Both elegant and physical, this sport, which I practice several times a week, allows me to push myself and strengthen my self-confidence.

A mix of dance and acrobatics, practicing Pole Dance requires suitable outfits .

Maiamé Polewear sets are specifically designed to make pole dancers feel good but also look beautiful & confident.

...polerina and fashion designer

As a fashion designer, pattern maker & pole dancer, I struggled to find Pole Dance outfits that resonated with me.

Naturally, I began creating my own outfits in which I felt comfortable and confident.

That's why I created the Maiamé Polewear brand, born from a desire to share with pole dancers my ideal wardrobe for practicing Pole Dance.